Come on. Breathing. Enjoy.
Latvian nature is unique and incredibly beautiful - we know this natural charms together! Leisure complex Kaupena Dzirnavas is a unique natural value, which will allow you to see a true miracle.

Perhaps the most beautiful place for the soul.

ANNO 1996

 Kaupena Dzirnavas is phenomenon of nature

The objective of  Kaupena Dzirnavas is to show the nature of the uniqueness of Latvia and Latvian residents and foreign tourists. We want to help you see Latvia from a different point of view - natural, showing that not even known to the wider population layer.

The beauty of nature for recreation

The beauty of nature, which was created by good vibes. On the banks of the lake which reflects the guest house, surrounded by high mast pines and windy, i think you're at sea. Here you can enjoy. Te all get closer to nature and draw energy from it.